Writing: Killing Creativity

Image: Paige Hogan Journalists and PR pros alike have one problem that they all have to deal with. AP-style. The written laws passed down from the journalistic gods of yesteryear. A style taught and mandated to ensure that editing would be easier for publishers, to streamline the news and breaking stories. The problem with AP-style,Continue reading “Writing: Killing Creativity”

Beyond Mobile: A Recap

Josh Clark may be the smartest person I know. That’s why I’m proud to have worked for him. The real benefit is seeing the future of tech that I would have otherwise been oblivious to. This was my second time hearing Josh speak, but he’s great at it, and the audiences love him. Between theContinue reading “Beyond Mobile: A Recap”

The Children of Syria: A Big Reason to Care About the Syrian Civil War

Very rarely do I venture down the road of politics, but I couldn’t pass up this story. After accidentally finding this video of children growing up in the middle of the Syrian civil war, I couldn’t ignore it. This may be the most powerful story I’ve written with Hypervocal. This is just a small excerptContinue reading “The Children of Syria: A Big Reason to Care About the Syrian Civil War”