Writing: Killing Creativity

c715335c16fc11e39d5d22000a1fbb3c_7Image: Paige Hogan

Journalists and PR pros alike have one problem that they all have to deal with.

AP-style. The written laws passed down from the journalistic gods of yesteryear. A style taught and mandated to ensure that editing would be easier for publishers, to streamline the news and breaking stories.

The problem with AP-style, and I know I’m not the only one that feels this way, is that it kills creativity.

As I attempt to write my first feature story, I’m struggling to come up with just that… The story. After two years of being beat over the head and spoon fed AP-style, it’s difficult to find the creativity necessary to develop a story worth reading.

The beauty of the feature, for the Third Wave Fashion October report, is that I have the freedom to have fun, but I’ve been so focused on facts that I’ve allowed creative writing to dissipate as one of my skills. The voice of the story is meant to carry one of old time horror films, a Twilight Zone science fiction feel that plays on the mild fears that every person carries, but would never admit.

So as I search for facts to back up the terrifying reality that is the unknown world of tech, I implore you to go find the creativity that thrived deep inside you when you were in elementary school. The same creativity that was limited in middle school and weeded out of you in high school.

There’s nothing better than feeling fulfilled by the work you do, and writing is something that everyone is capable of. Go have fun, and let writing be more than dry facts and boring words.

Beyond Mobile: A Recap

Josh Clark may be the smartest person I know. That’s why I’m proud to have worked for him.

The real benefit is seeing the future of tech that I would have otherwise been oblivious to. This was my second time hearing Josh speak, but he’s great at it, and the audiences love him. Between the free pizza and lights of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges in the background, XO Group provided one of the best spaces I’ve been to for any talk.

Despite a promise to look to the future, we have to all understand where we are now. This opened with sensors.


Because sensors can literally go anywhere. The key to exploring the use of sensors though, is their innate ability to interpret the environment around them. The best part about the expansion of technology now, is how real everything is becoming, hence “Augmented Reality” coming to life rather than just being a not-so-new tech term.

To wrap up this post, I’ll leave you with some of the fun things that the cameras on our phones and tablets are being used for.

SkinVaders is a fun app that uses the front facing sensor to “plant” alien eggs on your face, and your mission is to avoid becoming an alien.

Word Lens is one of the greatest apps I’ve ever seen. Forget Google Translate, this is going to be our God-send for surviving Japan.

Finally, the geniuses over there in Sweden are outdoing themselves again.

Are we really surprised by IKEA any more? How many times have you sat staring at your computer trying to determine if the furniture you like would look good in your living room? If nothing else, it’s brilliant.

Enjoy that hint of augmented reality on your Friday, and go have some weekend fun with the newest possibilities in mobile tech!

The Children of Syria: A Big Reason to Care About the Syrian Civil War

Very rarely do I venture down the road of politics, but I couldn’t pass up this story. After accidentally finding this video of children growing up in the middle of the Syrian civil war, I couldn’t ignore it. This may be the most powerful story I’ve written with Hypervocal.

Syrian Kids

This is just a small excerpt from the article:

After only a whisper of concern in the State of the Union, it seems that American leaders will continue to tip-toe around the issue of assisting Syrian rebel forces. President Obama said, “We will keep the pressure on a Syrian regime that has murdered its own people, and support opposition leaders that respect the rights of every Syrian,” but he offered no solution.

On Wednesday, though, GlobalPost debuted an exclusive video that takes a direct look at the children caught in the middle of the Syrian civil war. With no clear direction from American leaders on how we will assist the Syrian opposition, this video is a stark reminder that a solution is needed.

To see the rest of this tragic story, and the video that inspired the piece, click here. It’s time to start caring.

A New Look For A New Year

I moved to New York, and it was time to make all of my work look I deserved to be here.  So here is my new look and the new look of Real Communication.


Just as an update, I’m interning with Hypervocal.com a fantastic online new source that offers the news with an unending flavor of snark.

In addition to the Hypervocal internship, our work on Chicly USA is finally coming together, with the launch of our site, the publicizing of our Facebook, and a huge push to get involved with the fashion community here in the city.

Check out my work with Hypervocal and Chicly, and feel free to comment on anything that stands out!