Student Loans: What They Don’t Understand

“I guess the best advice is to use your head when you are making loans and not to go over your head, to think about the job you’re trying to get and whether or not it is going to provide the income that will sustain your family and enable you to repay your loan.” (USAContinue reading “Student Loans: What They Don’t Understand”

Seriously Serious: Reality Hit Me

There are 48 days until my wedding. Today is also the first day of the 2013 USA Pro Challenge. As I said in Vive le Tour: A Beautiful Change, cycling is a newly discovered dream that I want to pursue to push my endurance; my wedding, however, won’t only be a dream for much longer.Continue reading “Seriously Serious: Reality Hit Me”

Vive le Tour: A Beautiful Change

(ORICA-GreenEDGE) Who knows, maybe it’s just because it’s the Tour de France, maybe it’s because it’s the 100th anniversary of the tour. Either way, I have been glued to NBC Sports this year, and have been dreaming of a shot at riding with the greats. Before I get too far into my newly discovered dreamContinue reading “Vive le Tour: A Beautiful Change”

I’m Getting Married… You Should Know

I realized lately that I have been neglecting you, the loyal few that have subscribed to this blog even though I only give you a few posts a year. In return for your dedication, I thought it was only appropriate to share with you one of our most recent endeavors, Rose and Bows. Rose andContinue reading “I’m Getting Married… You Should Know”