No Excuse November: Marathon Monday

Yesterday was the 2013 ING New York Marathon, making today Marathon Monday.

A race dedicated to the runners and spectators of Boston, as well as the Sandy victims that are still recovering along the east coast, the marathon served as inspiration for where my life should be going.

If you ask any distance runner, there are moments of doubt, moments when you just don’t want to get up and workout, but there is something about racing that keeps them going. I like to call it marathon fever. Considering that the wedding and honeymoon basically translated to a month out of the gym, the hype around this marathon has been the catalyst to pushing us toward a more active lifestyle, but with a new twist.

Photo Courtesy of Paige

On our run Saturday, I chose not to run with music, none of the greats do, so I why shouldn’t I give it a try. The run though provided an unexpected moment, when Paige’s phone stopped working and she was left without music as well.

As a person that doesn’t talk a whole lot during physical activities, even in team sports, it caught me off guard when we began a conversation and maintained our pace rather than zoning in on the tempo of a song and staying in our own little worlds.

Then it happened.

Paige looked over, and between breaths said that it was time for me to get personal trainer certified. To take the money we received from our wedding gifts and put it toward my certification.

First of all, who does that? Yeah, we’ve talked about it before, but she believes in me so much that she would rather invest that money in me, in yet another small round of education, than put it into savings.

Which brings me to my second point: This is now “No Excuse November.”

With the challenge to get certified before the new year, our workouts will intensify, we’ll push each other, and we’re going to blow through the holidays.

The month is focused on no excuses for not finding work, no excuses for not studying, and no excuses for not getting out and active.

I had talked about pushing myself to get to January’s race, but Paige is pushing me to rise beyond the occasion. Mediocrity will no longer be the standard, and from here on it’s all or nothing.

Photo Courtesy of Paige

It’ll be tough, it’ll be interesting, but I want you guys to join me in the effort to make this an excuse-free month.

If those marathoners that I saw yesterday can elevate themselves to a higher standard, then we can too.

NoShavember: A Month of Cancer Awareness


Baby-faced men will take to the streets in droves tomorrow, November 1, marking the beginning of No-Shave-November and Movember, a month of personalized dedication to men’s health and prostate cancer awareness.

According to the CDC, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men behind only a few certain types of skin cancer.


Considering that prostate cancer affects one in six men, the push to raise awareness is worth a month of working toward the ZZ Top precedent.

There were six guys in my wedding party, that would be one of the group of my closest friends, and I can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like without one of them. With that realization, I have written this post and filled it with designs that I made last year while trying to raise prostate cancer awareness among the brothers of my fraternity.


There are a ton of great organizations committed to the cause, but in the facial hair awareness campaigns, one stands out among the rest:


Movember not only raises awareness for prostate cancer, but being a real man in general. With rules based on perpetuating the modern gentleman, the organization is only for moustaches that are maintained, groomed, and basically awesome.

If you don’t feel inspired to participate now, then ask your mom, dad, grandparents, about who in your family has been affected by this terrifying illness.

Get your razors ready, splurge on some good shaving gear, and turn your November into a month of awareness.