What Happened to Written Communication?!

“I was asked to be apart of…”, “But i never thought I…”, “… and to everyone who has help me become…”

I know that I have not blogged about anything since May 4, but I am back!  My inspiration has come in the form of the embarrassment that seems to be considered publishable writing.  The quotes that I provided above come from a student that will be graduating with a degree in communication.  Considering this fact, one must realize what the world is in for if the new generation of “professionals” are held to this sub-par standard.  Though you may feel that a typo every now and then is forgivable, I encourage you to take note of this BBC News article that explains how much money companies lose on typos and common misspellings.


As a student with aspirations of making a difference, and being truly successful, I find it terribly unfortunate to know that I am competing with students that cannot proofread their writing; yet they are placed on pedestals for their simple ability to market themselves and put on a great smile.

To conclude, I ask you this:

When you have a crisis, and your company’s reputation is on the line, do want a pretty face or a person that can effectively convey your message to the public?  A person that can smile through any situation, or one that knows that you could lose your credibility, as opposed to “loosing” it.

If you have any questions about me, or my writing, I encourage you to contact me via jgwilb@gmail.com, or @JGWilb.  I might not always smile for you, but I will always be concerned with the reputations that I represent.


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