Everything is in a Name

Shakespeare’s Juliet asks, “What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But here’s the deal.  Everything is in a name.  As I approach graduation, I catch myself judging names of companies pretty often. Though I’m not a stickler for only the big names like EdelmanContinue reading “Everything is in a Name”

Tumblr needed some love!

After having a virtually inactive Tumblr account, and in light of the RNChic2012 and DNChic projects, I decided that it was time to begin putting my photography portfolio online. The projects are both operated on the Tumblr platform, and so it was a natural choice to use my existing account for my portfolio. To see it, check out thisContinue reading “Tumblr needed some love!”

Why having the biggest network, isn’t having the best network

As my final semester approaches, and I consider everything that I have learned and studied as a Public Relations student, I reflect on the emphasis on networking.  The saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know” has more credence now than ever, considering the growing hardship that is the job market. Understanding theContinue reading “Why having the biggest network, isn’t having the best network”

My Move to Visual Communication

You may not know this, but I enjoy studying communication.  I appreciate an effective, efficient communicator; one that is able to deliver every message, with an unwavering sense of confidence and charisma. In an effort to improve my own communication skills, I have decided to enroll in two art classes to improve my use ofContinue reading “My Move to Visual Communication”

Running A Controversial Blog

In the field of communication, a key to success is accepting controversy.  I am a firm believer in the concept that managing controversy proves a communicator’s ability to do exactly that, communicate. As co-founder of The Kitty Litter, http://klbox.wordpress.com/, I invited controversy into my life by providing an open forum for students at my university toContinue reading “Running A Controversial Blog”

Are You A Part Of The Problem, Or Apart From It?

As I am sure you have discovered from my previous posts, I continue to find that the digital generation has lost all appreciation for the English language. Though I feel like an episode of “Sesame Street”, today’s word is “apart”. As it is being used in the community around me, it perplexes me to readContinue reading “Are You A Part Of The Problem, Or Apart From It?”