My Move to Visual Communication

You may not know this, but I enjoy studying communication.  I appreciate an effective, efficient communicator; one that is able to deliver every message, with an unwavering sense of confidence and charisma.

In an effort to improve my own communication skills, I have decided to enroll in two art classes to improve my use of visual messaging.  With a combination of Visual Communication and Photography II, this Fall semester promises to be one that allows me to push the envelope.

The information that these classes will bring will go directly toward my own projects, and a life-long dream of being a photographer.  The problem with this however is the fact that I am now searching for the funds to afford a camera to enhance my photography, and to fully participate in my Photo II class.  If you have any suggestions on how to raise the money for a new camera, your help would be greatly appreciated, I may even send you a picture from my final portfolio if you were to contribute to the effort.

For your own benefit, I have included the links to my current projects, and I hope you like what you see.  One is an Ad Agency, the other is a life-changing project that has led to my pursuit of my dreams.




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