Calling On You!

I know that I haven’t kept up this blog very well, but then again, you knew that if you saw the gaps between my previous posts.  This time, however, I have not simply avoided blogging or put it on the back burner.  I, along with the help of Paige Hogan (@P_rezzed), have been working on a new project outside of my internship and summer job.

The logo above is that of wilbwatch a film that will document my journey to thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in a record-breaking 45 days.  The title of the film is the aptly placed “2181.45.1,” and will follow the process of completing a feat such as this.  The audience will follow the planning, the fundraising, and the trip itself, complete with the drama of completing college, long-distance relationships, and a little bit of soul searching.

But here’s the thing.  I titled this post Calling On You! because you are the people that will make all of this possible.  There are 119 subscribers to this blog, and your support is what will allow everyone to be a “Wilb Watcher.”

I would like to assure you though that this is not a ploy to have some attention.  I want every person that is interested in the project to be a part of the process, of making the whole film happen.  Using, and, I invite you to help shape the project based on your experience and interaction with me directly!

If nothing else, check it out!  You are a strong group, and I hope that you will give me that strength to complete this journey.


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