Instagram: A Forgotten Friend

One of the first apps I got after getting my iPhone was Instagram. I thought filters were fun, I thought it was a brilliant way to connect photographers, all was good.

But if you look at my profile, I have a pretty minor 125 photos in the two years that I’ve been on the platform. Maybe it was an attempt to break the habit that everyone else has of violating the Three Fs (Food, Feet, and Flowers), or it was just a matter that I didn’t think my photos were engaging.

Over the weekend though, I realized that avoiding Instagram isn’t the solution to my problem with the platform, rather, creating better content instead of documenting an average life story is what engages the community.

There are also the Instagram elite. I followed them as inspiration, but low and behold, I just got mad at myself for not having the eye that they seem to have.

Who are sitting in my list of elites?

In no particular order:






And of course PaigeWilhog

As you can see, there’s a lot to live up to; though while we were in Japan I may have channeled a bit of Cacahuete_sr…


So with these folks in mind, and a new focus on sharing the beautiful things that I see, I welcome back my old friend Instagram. A friend that’s always been there, but was too quickly abandoned in my struggle to not take boring photos.

Hopefully you like what you see, but even more important, push your own content to be engaging. Don’t use the platform only as a chronicle of your life, but really show off the beautiful things coming in and out of it.

In recognition of the person that pushes me to enhance my own Instagram, here she is in the beautiful light that we found this weekend.


Journalists Reportedly Banned From Smartphone Photography At Olympics In Russia

Considering our use of Instagram and Tumblr for the 2012 Political Conventions, maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t get the Olympic credentials we applied for.

With the ability to spread such incredible photos, like those referenced in the article, I’m curious as to why Russian officials wouldn’t want to capitalize on the free press of so many international guests potentially awe-struck by the Sochi scenic views.

Maybe R-Sports should just suck it up, get an Instagram account and run a brilliant tagging campaign rather than spitting in the face of the future we’re living in. Do I think the move will hold up? No, but I am curious to hear what you think.

Tumblr needed some love!

After having a virtually inactive Tumblr account, and in light of the RNChic2012 and DNChic projects, I decided that it was time to begin putting my photography portfolio online.
The projects are both operated on the Tumblr platform, and so it was a natural choice to use my existing account for my portfolio.

To see it, check out this link!  I hope you enjoy!

The Search for the Perfect Camera

In my last post, I discussed my move toward a further understanding of Visual Communication.  If you haven’t noticed, I’ve become completely engrossed in the WilbWatch project.

Out of devotion to the project, and the concern of getting the most out of my upcoming Photography class, I am caught in an internal debate about which camera to purchase.

This investment will be my first DSLR, though I have used one before.  On one hand, I must be cognizant of my bank account, and an approaching graduation date; on the other, I need a camera that will be able to take a beating along the 2,181 miles of the Appalachian Trail.

As the semester approaches, the necessity of securing a camera grows, and so the options have been narrowed to three:

The Pentax K 30 is a 16.3 mp weatherproof option that promises to provide a sturdy option in inclement weather.

The Canon T4i packs in 18 mp with an impressive quality in its video capabilities.

And finally the Canon 7D, which you simply have to watch the video to understand.


Keep in mind, my biggest obstacle at this point is funding, and with a necessary camera budget spanning the gap from $800-$1300, this will be an interesting process.  I’ll let you be the judge, but these seem to be the most appropriate cameras for the future that I am looking at.

Feel free to comment or contact me with any suggestions on funding a camera, and watch out for an update on the endeavor!