Are You A Part Of The Problem, Or Apart From It?

As I am sure you have discovered from my previous posts, I continue to find that the digital generation has lost all appreciation for the English language.

Though I feel like an episode of “Sesame Street”, today’s word is “apart”.

As it is being used in the community around me, it perplexes me to read blog posts, status updates, and twitter feeds that run rampant with how proud a person is to be “apart” of an organization.

As defined by, apart is an adverb; meaning into pieces, separately, or aside.

Using this definition one can see the dilemma that I find in the “reformation of written English”.  To relate to the message that inspired this post, if I am “proud to apart an organization” then I am ultimately proud to stand separate from that organization.  However, as I am sure was the original intent of the message, if I am proud to be a part of an organization, then I am a proud and serving member of that group.

Though this post is not long, I feel that the problem of inappropriate word selection is an epidemic that is sweeping across the plains of the social media world.  We have a responsibility to protect the written language, and this post is my newest push in this effort.


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