Non-Profit: Not Just My Wallet

photoPhoto: Paige Hogan

I had never considered non-profits in terms of where my future might take me. In fact, I really thought it was just a cruel reference to the ongoing state of my wallet.

But, as I find myself jobless, a month before getting married, non-profits may actually be the answer to my prayers.

While talking to a close family friend, and conveniently enough the officiant of our wedding, I explained that I was in search of a job and that writing may be one of my top skills. With that, the flood gates of information had been opened.

I had never considered how much non-profits drive the economy, how crucial the organizations are on a larger scale than just the immediate benefactors of the service or assistance.

So, with eyes wide open and a plethora of new information to dive into, non-profits are now looking like a shining beacons of hope through the fog of joblessness and student loan debt.

Because of discretion, I won’t mention his name, but I would like to thank our close friend for opening my eyes to these hidden opportunities.

You never know when the voice will speak, but I’m pretty sure they’re right when they say it will be still and small.

Do you know a non-profit or organization that could benefit from a larger voice? Get in touch with me, and we’ll see what I can do to help!


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