The Unfortunate Boy Scout

These days, it’s pretty hard to see the good in scouting if you’ve never been a part of the organization or the culture. Every summer there are groups around the country that go out and get lost in the backcountry, only to make national news; the last few years there have been controversies over the “moral dilemmas” facing the organization as it attempted to “address … Continue reading The Unfortunate Boy Scout

Riding Silent: I’m Still Here

I know the site has been really quiet since my last post, and there’s been plenty to write about, since the government shut down and everything, but unfortunately I’ve been a little busy with that whole wedding thing. So, in lieu of the darkness from the Freelance Rider, here’s a look at everything that our wedding planning has consisted of as we approach our final … Continue reading Riding Silent: I’m Still Here

I Read A Manga… And I Liked It?

As many of you know, the honeymoon is coming a couple of days after the wedding, and Japan is going to be new for both of us. The resounding question though has been: Why Japan?! For me, it’s simple. Tons of history, a rich culture full of varying levels of quietly understood respect, and awesome food. A honeymoon should be a trip of a lifetime, … Continue reading I Read A Manga… And I Liked It?

Wedding Stress: A Broken Calm

11 days out, and we’re looking for a break in the storm. Before I go much further, Paige and I have offered our thoughts and appropriate condolences to the people of Japan, primarily Kyoto, that were affected by Typhoon Man-Yi which forced hundreds of thousands of residents to evacuate their houses before the storm’s 3 inches an hour filled the streets with the swollen Katsura. … Continue reading Wedding Stress: A Broken Calm