End It Don’t Trend It

In an imperfect world, there is perfect opportunity for social good that stretches across borders and unites communities the world over. The best way to spreading a message, and creating social good, is to use the channels available from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Pinterest. The platforms offer access to millions of potential supporters,Continue reading “End It Don’t Trend It”

Investing In The Future: The Greatest Paradox

If you went to college, thought about college, or encouraged your own child to go to college, then you’re probably guilty of saying that you were making an investment in the future. Considering that any investment is an investment in the future, the statement alone seems silly, but that’s beside the point. What has meContinue reading “Investing In The Future: The Greatest Paradox”

Joke of the Day: Affordable Healthcare

Obama: "We fumbled the roll out on this healthcare law" pic.twitter.com/6eEMxtWts7 — ABC News (@ABC) November 14, 2013 I’ve avoided any commentary on the Affordable Care Act mainly because I don’t quite understand the nuances that are supposed to be the keys to the whole system. What I do understand though is this: Nobody knowsContinue reading “Joke of the Day: Affordable Healthcare”

Bill de Blasio: In the City That Never Sleeps

I start every morning with New York 1, it may be one of my favorite morning news programs. The simple news channel is one of my favorite perks of living in the city, but with the NYC elections coming tomorrow, discussions of the mayoral candidates to replace Michael Bloomberg has been the topic of almostContinue reading “Bill de Blasio: In the City That Never Sleeps”

The Cursed Double Standard

The one skill that every person seems to have mastered is the double standard. Who has taken that skill to the next level? Politicians, especially of the American type, seem to be the best at speaking out of every side of their mouths, but they never know what to do when someone calls them onContinue reading “The Cursed Double Standard”

It’s Not Conceding When You Lose

As many of you have seen, election season is in full swing in New York City. As I drank my coffee and looked for topics to cover, Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson’s concession speech was aired and it got me thinking. How dumb is it to announce that a candidate is conceding when they know they’veContinue reading “It’s Not Conceding When You Lose”