Riding Silent: I’m Still Here


I know the site has been really quiet since my last post, and there’s been plenty to write about, since the government shut down and everything, but unfortunately I’ve been a little busy with that whole wedding thing.

So, in lieu of the darkness from the Freelance Rider, here’s a look at everything that our wedding planning has consisted of as we approach our final hours before the big show.









And on that note, the weekend will be busy, but our closest friends will all be with us and we couldn’t ask for more. For those that couldn’t make it, we understand, and wish that you could join us on Sunday as we step into a new way of life.

Thank you all for reading, and I’m excited to add the newlywed perspective to the Freelance Rider.

Brides: A Wedding Party


Say yes as a guest.

That’s what I did when Paige asked me if I wanted to go to a party at the legendary Kleinfeld Bridal.

Kleinfeld, the famous Say Yes to the Dress bridal dream store, hosted a Brides Style Summit for future brides and fangirls alike. Realizing that I was living someone else’s dream, Paige and I made the best of it. We looked at the gowns on display, mingled with some of the staff, and munched on the delectable baked goods that were being offered.

Oh yeah, and the baked goods were from Carlo’s Bakery, the one from Cake Boss.

Being one of the few guys there, I’ll admit that it was a bit awkward as brides-to-be gave me the side eye just for smiling.


Despite the apparent distrust, I brushed it off as jealousy. Not jealous of an actual couple enjoying a wedding event, but of the Georgetown Cupcakes I was carrying around because we knew there wouldn’t be any left when we called it a night. It may sound silly, but TLC took care of us, and Georgetown cupcakes are worth holding on to, especially when they’re free.


Either way, the chance to go inside Kleinfeld, eat Cake Boss pastries, and just get out of the apartment was excellent. Naturally, I took plenty of pictures so you guys could get a taste of what’s available out there for free.

No, I didn’t say yes to a dress, but I did say yes. For you ladies out there, saying yes could lead to a new dress, bridal or not.