The Cursed Double Standard


The one skill that every person seems to have mastered is the double standard.

Who has taken that skill to the next level?

Politicians, especially of the American type, seem to be the best at speaking out of every side of their mouths, but they never know what to do when someone calls them on it. Today’s example came from the ultimate slap in the face, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.

According to Hypervocal, Assad was busy denying the current Syrian civil war when he pulled out this gem:

What did you do in Los Angeles in the ’90s when you have rebels? Didn’t you send your army? You did.

In no way am I defending Assad, nor am I condoning any particular uses of military force in certain situations, but what I do support is taking a closer look at the way we as Americans believe that there can be no wrong in the world. It is a hopeful way of life, but a naive one to think that no other countries are allowed to make mistakes, despite the plethora that we are still dealing with from our own past.

Again, gassing your own citizens shouldn’t be tolerated, but we do have to be aware that the skeletons in our own closet like to be seen, and we’ve got the biggest closet on the block.

For more of the awkward moments with Assad, check out the highlights of his interview with ABC News.

Kids: The Best Things at Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week is one of the most exciting events on the calendar.

At least… It was.

My introduction to NYFW was with the frigid Fall 2013 shows back in March, when nobody but the truly dedicated wanted to be at Lincoln Center. There was space for bloggers, models, photographers, and everyone in between to do their own thing. In reality it was an excellent experience to see what the fashion die-hards will put themselves through in spite of the challenges that mother nature throws at them.

Spring 2014 however, with temperatures climbing toward 90 everyday, has just been ridiculous. Men wearing wool jackets, puffy down vests, eight layers of clothes, get real idiots we all know you’re pouring sweat.

Unfortunately though, that theme of saturation carried through the crowd, there was no way to differentiate from photographer, student, or common tourist. The best way that I’ve seen it described was by InStyle’s editor Ariel Foxman.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.28.34 PM

Essentially, we didn’t even bother trying to photograph like we did with our photos that we submitted to Cosmo UK.

Nope, instead we focused on the gems like this little girl.


Our trip to NYFW was like going back to high school, everybody was just trying too hard. So when we noticed the children, we knew where the actual story was.


Not only are children radiant examples of innocence, but they are unimaginably accurate beacons of honesty. Their faces, body language, and general demeanor always deliver the truth that lies underneath the white-knuckle grip that their parents drag them along with.


I understand that fashion weeks are hugely popular for unknown artists and models to attempt to be found, and can turn people into divas that even a Snickers can’t cure, but after dodging puppies and moms with strollers for a few hours, patience is lost.

Besides, if this little girl gets to be a diva…
Then I do too.

Image Collaboration with Paige Hogan