Team USA: Uniform of Tradition

There is no doubt that to participate in the olympics is an honor unlike any other. Countless athletes have done their best to describe the feeling of representing your country, what it’s like to hear your nation’s anthem ring through the stadium or arena, all because for a frozen moment in time you were the best, your country, was the best. Unfortunately though, that’s a … Continue reading Team USA: Uniform of Tradition

Millennials: We Majored in Snark

Image: Paige Hogan What’s up with the hype on millennials? Yeah, I’m one too, but why are there so many stories coming out about the “laziest” generation of Americans? Because the thing we’re best at is sideways snark. You may even be able to say that above the title on the degree that left us with $40,000 in debt, we should get credit for developing … Continue reading Millennials: We Majored in Snark