Millennials: We Majored in Snark

546456_1650102937714_421945185_nImage: Paige Hogan

What’s up with the hype on millennials? Yeah, I’m one too, but why are there so many stories coming out about the “laziest” generation of Americans?

Because the thing we’re best at is sideways snark. You may even be able to say that above the title on the degree that left us with $40,000 in debt, we should get credit for developing a level of cynicism more fully developed than Statler and Waldorf.

TMS-Statler&Waldorf-BalconyBoxImage: Muppett Wiki

But what is it that makes millennial attitude such a deeply hated thing? Is it generational bias? Is it unjustified entitlement?

No, it’s neither of those. It’s the truth that the overeducated Gen Y so proudly touts as we face an economy saturated with “special” people that are all like us; because despite our unique traits, virtually all of us pursued a higher education of some type, which limited us all to the same basic principles being taught across the country.

In addition we’ve all realized that the best way to make someone mad, to really get under their skin, is to accept blame and stand on the solid foundation of honesty. What was once just a virtue expected of every man, has formed the base for every millennial to stand on, raise their flag, and question why we’re asked to fix the problems of generations before us, despite being restricted to jobs that don’t pay rent, student loans, or taxes.

The best example, and one of the finest displays of sincere, unapologetic snark is now making its way through the YouTube universe.

I’ll leave you with that, for you to ponder and let simmer through the weekend, because Gen Y is capable of fixing the problems that face us. The caveat is that the generations that created the problems have to get out of the way.

I love my parents, and I understand that you can only work with what you’ve got, but there is untapped talent among the millennials, and it’s ready to be unleashed.

Are you going to help us?


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