Image courtesy of Yvan Rodic

Street Fashion


If the runway inspires designers, the street inspires everyone else.  Today’s fashion world is much different from that of even 5 years ago.  Though runway shows are key to the world of fashion, more people are falling victim to the craze that is “Street Fashion”.  The base of street fashion is not how “cool” you can be or how trendy you dress, it’s more of how comfortable can you be as you strive to stand out against the crowd.  Yvan Rodic , the “Facehunter”, admits in an interview how hard it is to take pictures of people that are “too cool for school” or are simply too enthusiastic of having their picture taken (  The key to standing out holds true to the old clichè to just “be yourself”.  The key to perfecting your look can only be found in what interests you; and then pushing your look to the edge of insanity.  No matter what stereotype you fit into, you can manage your style and surpass your peers.  Whether you are the jock, the hipster, the emo or the band geek, you can always stand out with the confidence that your personality calls for.  Now get out and dress how you feel!  Don’t be afraid of what others may think, because you may meet someone who loves your look; and that someone may just be Yvan Rodic.

Photograph courtesy of  Yvan Rodic courtesy of Yvan Rodic


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