What about the guys?

For those of you that shop at and live by American Eagle, this is a question for you.  As some of you may know, or at least your female counterparts may, American Eagle has a sister store called Aerie; which is focused on the niche market of women’s “comfort” clothing.  The question is this: would you shop at an American Eagle owned store that is geared toward men’s loungewear and workout clothing?

"Live Your Life"

The reason I bring this up is because I am preparing for a half-marathon, and cannot ignore the fact that American Eagle has some very comfortable clothing that could double as “workout wear”.  The point of this store in particular would be to focus on American Eagle fitness and lounge wear for men.  American Eagle currently offers shoe selections from Puma, and this new branch of American Eagle could strengthen the partnership between the two companies.  Along with sneakers, this new store would make sweatpants, shorts, fitness t-shirts, and running jackets available year round. 

Another benefit to a men’s fitness wear store would be the availability of this clothing year round, making these items available as gifts for any season.  My suggestion would be to test the idea online and in existing American Eagle stores, to get a feel for how the public would take to the new items.  I know that Aerie was started within the actual American Eagle store, and I feel that the same business model could be applied to this new concept store.

In short, AE Fit (concept name?) would truly allow you to “Live Your Life” with American Eagle.


2 thoughts on “What about the guys?

  1. This is quite an interesting concept Jeff. I honestly believe such stores could be a huge hit with our generation. I f the prices we’re reasonable, then sure, I would shop there.

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