The Essentials- Jeans

As you try to find your style, consider what you have to build with.  Though you may see different looks in magazines or online, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars revamping your wardrobe.  My suggestion is to start with the essentials.  The first building block, the staple to every wardrobe: JEANS.  A good pair of jeans can make the difference in looking good or looking “old”.  Keep in mind that this “old” is not vintage, Dad jeans are never a good idea.  Having worked at American Eagle, I can speak first hand that there is at least one good pair of jeans for you. 

Step 1:  Find these “magic” jeans.  Go to the right store and ask for help.  You have seen the employees desperately searching for a customer to help and you could make their day by accepting the help.  These employees are being paid to help you, similar to picking up a map at an amusement park.  You would be foolish to wander around a city that is unfamiliar, so why do that with your clothes?

Step 2:  Let the employee pick your jeans.  For those of you stuck in average department stores, your general styles vary from bootcut to slim, or some variation of that.  Even if you know exactly what you are looking for, step back and see what somebody else would put you in.  Allow the employee to pull different styles off the wall, and see what others think of the new look.

Step 3:  Try anything.  If you see the tag says slim but you always wear bootcut jeans, don’t automatically discredit the jeans.  In the search for your style, you must be willing to try anything, that way you can test and see what direction your look is going to take.  The benefit too of having somebody help you is the fact that most employees can check for sizes that may not be on the floor.  If you refuse the help, you may end up with jeans that do not correctly fit.

Step 4:  TRY THEM ON!  Once you have found the jeans that you are interested in, or the employee has found jeans for you, try them on.  There is no rule that says you must buy jeans that you try on.  This will prevent you from buying jeans that don’t appeal to you, and you can see if the jeans have a good feel.  In my last blog I talked about how the key to street fashion was being comfortable while looking good, so you MUST try on your jeans to see if you are comfortable.  The other key to trying on jeans is the fact that you may not be the size that you think you are.

Step 5:  Relax, if they don’t fit it’s ok.  If you try on jeans that don’t fit, get a different size.  This could mean two things, either you are bigger than the jeans you are trying on, or you could be too small for them.  This should not discourage you from getting these jeans, nor should it turn you off from the store.  As you look for jeans you must be understanding that most stores size their jeans differently.  This means that a 2 at American Eagle could be very different from a 2 at Hollister.  So stick with it, and keep trying on jeans.

Step 6:  SHOW OFF!  Once you find your “perfect” jeans, be proud of your new look!  Take this pair of jeans and use them to build your look on.  These jeans could be the stepping stone you were looking for to push your look to the next level, so show them off and see what people think.

Now that you know how to buy your jeans, go out and have FUN.  Walk into a store and make it known what you are looking for, and NEVER get discouraged.  Once you have your jeans, you can begin to work with the other key elements of the outfit.


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