Wedding Stress: 3 Weeks of Honesty


Getting married is an exciting thing, a celebration of two people’s love and two families coming together.

Paige and I knew going into it that the description above is fantastic, maybe a little less than realistic, but if ever there was a time for optimism, then our wedding was perfect.


What we didn’t realize was that our happiness literally seems to be bringing out the worst in people. Selfish complaints of involvement in the activities leading up to the event, questions and grilling sessions about why some people weren’t invited or if our minds have been changed about those decisions. We had no idea that our attempt at not being pessimistic about our own wedding would become so problematic.

So what’s happening?

Unfortunately, not all of the details can be discussed here, in part to protect those that are involved, but also because we’re still trying to figure out what is actually going through everyone else’s heads that makes them think their behavior is ok.

The one thing that I can proudly tell you though, is that through all of the stress, and through all of stupid opinions and attitudes that we’ve had to deal with, my sister has been there for me. Yes, Paige and I are here for each other, but my sister has been right behind us reminding us that it isn’t selfish to want the best from everybody. She says that we should be spoiled right now, and though it’s not what we’re looking for, it is nice to know that somebody believes we should be feeling excited and relieved about the wedding being right around the corner.

Understanding that, we have three weeks until the wedding. Thanks to attitudes and us being fed up with so many people thinking they should be the focus of the attention, my typical filter that strains out harsh truth has been diminished. Unfortunately, the next three weeks are queueing up to be full of reality checks and blunt honesty.

We are still excited to be married, to officially begin our lives together, but the wedding just seems like a hassle at this point. So if you are one of those people that can help make the days leading up to that day a little less intense, we’d really appreciate it if you helped keep everyone calm and in check.

That’s a little depressing for a Monday, but the week can only go up from here!


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