Wedding Photography: Don’t Be Cheap

In the list of expenses that come with a wedding, it’s easy to lose yourself with venues, menus, and more, but one of the items that needs to be at the top of that list is photography. The images that are captured that day should emulate the love that everyone attending has for you, andContinue reading “Wedding Photography: Don’t Be Cheap”

Riding Silent: I’m Still Here

I know the site has been really quiet since my last post, and there’s been plenty to write about, since the government shut down and everything, but unfortunately I’ve been a little busy with that whole wedding thing. So, in lieu of the darkness from the Freelance Rider, here’s a look at everything that ourContinue reading “Riding Silent: I’m Still Here”

I Read A Manga… And I Liked It?

As many of you know, the honeymoon is coming a couple of days after the wedding, and Japan is going to be new for both of us. The resounding question though has been: Why Japan?! For me, it’s simple. Tons of history, a rich culture full of varying levels of quietly understood respect, and awesomeContinue reading “I Read A Manga… And I Liked It?”

Wedding Stress: A Broken Calm

11 days out, and we’re looking for a break in the storm. Before I go much further, Paige and I have offered our thoughts and appropriate condolences to the people of Japan, primarily Kyoto, that were affected by Typhoon Man-Yi which forced hundreds of thousands of residents to evacuate their houses before the storm’s 3Continue reading “Wedding Stress: A Broken Calm”

Brides: A Wedding Party

Say yes as a guest. That’s what I did when Paige asked me if I wanted to go to a party at the legendary Kleinfeld Bridal. Kleinfeld, the famous Say Yes to the Dress bridal dream store, hosted a Brides Style Summit for future brides and fangirls alike. Realizing that I was living someone else’sContinue reading “Brides: A Wedding Party”

Wedding Stress: 3 Weeks of Honesty

Getting married is an exciting thing, a celebration of two people’s love and two families coming together. Paige and I knew going into it that the description above is fantastic, maybe a little less than realistic, but if ever there was a time for optimism, then our wedding was perfect. Right? What we didn’t realizeContinue reading “Wedding Stress: 3 Weeks of Honesty”