United Glitch is Huge Win


You may or may not have heard, but United Airlines has stepped up in one of the classiest moves I’ve seen in response to a website glitch.

The glitch? Last Thursday, United’s website offered flights for $0. For the price of a security fee, you could travel the country for little more than pocket change. That’s right, $5 flights.

The best part of the story though, came with the company’s announcement that it would actually honor the tickets sold during the glitch. You may think that it’s a no brainer, but when there are potentially thousands of dollars being lost, the decision to honor the tickets is huge.

So why would United agree to lose all that money? Not only because the glitch was their fault, but now United has elevated themselves in the role of the good guy as traveling seems to get more expensive. What could be a better way to boost your brand’s customer service than by acknowledging a mistake and allowing effected customers to reap the benefits?

Ultimately, the United ticketing glitch is a win for everyone. Those lucky customers that frantically bought cheap tickets will get travel experiences they otherwise wouldn’t have had, and United got press from every news outlet in the country while soaring to the top in customer experience.

Glitches like this obviously don’t happen everyday, but if you aren’t traveling then you’ll never see an opportunity like it. If nothing else, use this as the sign that your life needs a little more travel in it, and go on an adventure.


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