United Glitch is Huge Win


You may or may not have heard, but United Airlines has stepped up in one of the classiest moves I’ve seen in response to a website glitch.

The glitch? Last Thursday, United’s website offered flights for $0. For the price of a security fee, you could travel the country for little more than pocket change. That’s right, $5 flights.

The best part of the story though, came with the company’s announcement that it would actually honor the tickets sold during the glitch. You may think that it’s a no brainer, but when there are potentially thousands of dollars being lost, the decision to honor the tickets is huge.

So why would United agree to lose all that money? Not only because the glitch was their fault, but now United has elevated themselves in the role of the good guy as traveling seems to get more expensive. What could be a better way to boost your brand’s customer service than by acknowledging a mistake and allowing effected customers to reap the benefits?

Ultimately, the United ticketing glitch is a win for everyone. Those lucky customers that frantically bought cheap tickets will get travel experiences they otherwise wouldn’t have had, and United got press from every news outlet in the country while soaring to the top in customer experience.

Glitches like this obviously don’t happen everyday, but if you aren’t traveling then you’ll never see an opportunity like it. If nothing else, use this as the sign that your life needs a little more travel in it, and go on an adventure.

Don’t Do It: Juice Cleanse


I like juice. I like being clean. A juice cleanse can’t be that bad, right?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

This isn’t our first bout with juice cleanses, Paige has done one before, but with the amount of ginger and vegetables that I wouldn’t eat even if they were in a salad with a whole bottle of ranch on them, I couldn’t do it.

Why change my mind? New product meant a new taste, I thought that was a pretty safe assumption. So with the wedding three weeks away, and wanting to look our best, I agreed that I would try the juice cleanse too, that it couldn’t be that bad, and we would pursue our best bodies together.

On the menu: Juice Press raw/organic juices. The Pink Punk, from the picture above, was my introduction to the newest option. It has pineapple, strawberry, and beet juice, a strange combination, but a good one.

Only problem with the Pink Punk… The way it punches you in the throat when the ginger kicks in.

Ginger is supposed to help quell hunger, to manage how hungry you feel and trick you into thinking that you’re full. Despite how much I hate it, I have to admit that I think it works, since the Pink Punk and a handful of chips is basically all I ate yesterday, and felt full.

Other than the ginger, I haven’t figured out how to stomach the green juices, from any company, without feeling like I want to vomit. It’s as if I want to like it, but after the third drink I’m looking for the steak and potatoes to offset the sudden influx of veggies sloshing their way through my stomach.

Luckily, I picked up a new box of Clif Bars, just in case, so there is something other than the juices for me to find some type of sustenance. In the end, the juice cleanse isn’t an awful option for halfway healthy, quick weight loss and weight management. I, however, will remain firm in my belief that really you can eat whatever you want as long as you burn the calories.

If you put in the food, you have to put in the work, and if you’re willing to do that, you get to enjoy food and life.

Wedding Stress: 3 Weeks of Honesty


Getting married is an exciting thing, a celebration of two people’s love and two families coming together.

Paige and I knew going into it that the description above is fantastic, maybe a little less than realistic, but if ever there was a time for optimism, then our wedding was perfect.


What we didn’t realize was that our happiness literally seems to be bringing out the worst in people. Selfish complaints of involvement in the activities leading up to the event, questions and grilling sessions about why some people weren’t invited or if our minds have been changed about those decisions. We had no idea that our attempt at not being pessimistic about our own wedding would become so problematic.

So what’s happening?

Unfortunately, not all of the details can be discussed here, in part to protect those that are involved, but also because we’re still trying to figure out what is actually going through everyone else’s heads that makes them think their behavior is ok.

The one thing that I can proudly tell you though, is that through all of the stress, and through all of stupid opinions and attitudes that we’ve had to deal with, my sister has been there for me. Yes, Paige and I are here for each other, but my sister has been right behind us reminding us that it isn’t selfish to want the best from everybody. She says that we should be spoiled right now, and though it’s not what we’re looking for, it is nice to know that somebody believes we should be feeling excited and relieved about the wedding being right around the corner.

Understanding that, we have three weeks until the wedding. Thanks to attitudes and us being fed up with so many people thinking they should be the focus of the attention, my typical filter that strains out harsh truth has been diminished. Unfortunately, the next three weeks are queueing up to be full of reality checks and blunt honesty.

We are still excited to be married, to officially begin our lives together, but the wedding just seems like a hassle at this point. So if you are one of those people that can help make the days leading up to that day a little less intense, we’d really appreciate it if you helped keep everyone calm and in check.

That’s a little depressing for a Monday, but the week can only go up from here!

Daily Blogging: 2 Week Mark


It’s Friday, and the week has been full of new things, posts on politics, fashion, student issues, and occasionally a mention of joblessness in the face a wedding.

Today however, considering the weekend is on the brink of beginning, I’ll go easy.

When I told Paige that I was no longer going to be working the job that I’d been at since May, we weren’t sure what I should do. It’s difficult to look for a job when you have to ask for the second month off so you can go on a 19-day honeymoon in Japan, let alone the week before that trip to have the actual wedding. So, considering the difficulty of finding a job with those stipulations, Paige issued me a challenge.

Blog at least once a day.

I had a decent number of followers, and was only on the website once every other month or so, but faced with quickly approaching student loans and a fairly weak portfolio, it only made sense.

Thus it began. As many of you saw, last week, a post went out everyday, the numbers slowly crept up, and I began to see the potential that Paige has been telling me existed for a long time. With that, this last week I decided to up the ante, to strive for at least a few days of two posts, just to see the reaction, and get a feeling of when you would be reading.

Paige nailed it. On Monday, you guys put my numbers close to the total views and visitors that I had for all of last week, and the week only got better. We redesigned some of the options on the website, I started tagging my posts, and updated Tumblr too.

Thanks in large part to Paige, but the quiet support that many of you have shown just by visiting, my whole attitude has turned around as the wedding gets closer.

I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you. To all of you. You’ve helped ease the stress of looming loan payments and wedding detail finalization. If there is any topic you want to see written about, or you want some advice on here, just click that gif on the right, or connect with me here.

You’ve helped me, and I’ll help you. Have a great weekend, and smile a little bit, you deserve it.


Cross-Cardio: Because Running Sucks


Running is an excellent way to get in shape and stay in shape. The reality of the sport though…

It sucks!

I’m fairly confident that’s the sole reason why my training regimens never seem to last, despite the fact that I know I have to train if I want to get any better.

Luckily though, Paige has developed her own system of doing things. One that was born after doing 10k Tuesdays and 5-mile Fridays, and discovering how awful an hour on a treadmill is.

Thus is the birth of Cross-Cardio.

I joke and ask what the difference is between the new method and traditional cross-training, but Paige pushes on, focused on feeling awesome for our wedding. With her drive, it was dumb to argue with the process, so now I too have adopted what most would think is lame triathlon training without the swimming portion.

Essentially, it’s this:
1) Run for 10-20 mins, get your heart rate up.

2)Bike for 10-20 mins, if you aren’t pouring sweat by this point, you aren’t working hard enough.

3) Elliptical or back to the treadmill for a final 10-20 mins, your option, but you should be feeling it by now either way.

Instead of mixing in workouts to improve core strength or balance, the focus is purely heart rate and recovery, even if you aren’t actively monitoring it.

Will this system have you looking like an Abercrombie model? Probably not. What cross-cardio can offer though, is a fairly simple way to lose and manage your weight. Whether it’s treadmills, bikes, or ellipticals, you get to choose how long and how hard you are going to work. With you at the helm, the sweat equity that you gain from taking control is unmatched, because you know how much you’ve done to make yourself healthier.

In the end, it’s all about the sweat. If you don’t like that, then you won’t like this process, but if you find yourself dripping sweat after 30 mins you’ll find that in 30 days you feel a whole lot better.

Even though I mocked it, I promise it’s worth a try.

The US Open: A Lasting Memory

It wasn’t on my bucket list, but the US Open is one thing that I’m glad I can say I’ve done.

Paige Hogan

Sure, I knew that games make sets, makes a match, but that was about it. I’ve seen Nadal, Federer, and Murray, aside from remembering the likes of Agassi and Sampras. Beyond that, the closest thing to being a tennis fan was my “Pro” rating on Wii Sports.

Despite my seeming lack of interest in tennis though, The US Open is one of the greatest experiences I’ve had.


Because it’s the US Open. It’s kind of like someone asking if I wanted to go the Olympics, or the World Series. You don’t have to be a super fan to appreciate the level of sportsmanship and athleticism that it takes to reach the top level of a sport, and fortunately I experienced that last night.

Going into the match, all I knew was that we had to be there around 7, and that if the match went too far beyond 9, we were going to leave because Paige had a website to design. Maybe it was luck of the draw, but our match featured the number two player in the world, Rafael Nadal. Granted, I’m not a fan, so I pulled for the German underdog Kohlschreiber (which, in retrospect was a waste of time) and prayed that we would get a good match.


Sure enough, Kohlschreiber gave us a good first set, and a decent second. Unfortunately though, that magic time rolled around and Paige and I had to leave after that. We hated to leave so early, but then again, the trip from Arthur Ashe Stadium to East Harlem isn’t one that we wanted to make at midnight, regardless of any work that Paige had to get done.

So, despite having to leave early, and waking up to discover that Kohlschreiber let me down, I can still say that I’ve been to the US Open, I’ve seen Rafael Nadal play, and the fire has been lit to experience everything I can.


People say that your 20s are the time that you put in the work for later in life, but what if later doesn’t come, or you never get the opportunity you hope for? Take it while you can, live your life, and never pass on anything. There’s just too much you’ll miss.