The Weekly Wrap

Since it’s getting closer to the holidays, and your life is getting busy, I figured I would start wrapping our weeks up in one post for your convenience. Though I’d encourage you to visit every time a story goes out, this should at least help condense it for you in a crunch. Of all the federal holidays, Veteran’s Day might be the most important. Without … Continue reading The Weekly Wrap

Joke of the Day: Affordable Healthcare

Obama: "We fumbled the roll out on this healthcare law" — ABC News (@ABC) November 14, 2013 I’ve avoided any commentary on the Affordable Care Act mainly because I don’t quite understand the nuances that are supposed to be the keys to the whole system. What I do understand though is this: Nobody knows what they’re doing. Again, I’m not totally sure of how … Continue reading Joke of the Day: Affordable Healthcare

Bill de Blasio: In the City That Never Sleeps

I start every morning with New York 1, it may be one of my favorite morning news programs. The simple news channel is one of my favorite perks of living in the city, but with the NYC elections coming tomorrow, discussions of the mayoral candidates to replace Michael Bloomberg has been the topic of almost every discussion. I’ll start by saying I’m not a fan … Continue reading Bill de Blasio: In the City That Never Sleeps

The Unfortunate Boy Scout

These days, it’s pretty hard to see the good in scouting if you’ve never been a part of the organization or the culture. Every summer there are groups around the country that go out and get lost in the backcountry, only to make national news; the last few years there have been controversies over the “moral dilemmas” facing the organization as it attempted to “address … Continue reading The Unfortunate Boy Scout